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iPhone 7 32 GB
For a limited time only, get an iPhone 7 for no money down!! When you purchase an iPhone 7 through Get Wireless Plans, you will be eligible to receive *another* iPhone 7!

Down payment: NONE
Monthly payment: $27.09 for 18 months


Samsung Galaxy J7 Perx
Sprint offers the latest phones for a low down payment and low monthly rate after that! The Samsung Galaxy J7 Perx is everything you love about Samsung and more!

Down payment: $30
Monthly payment: $10 for 18 months
FREE upgrade available after 12 consecutive monthly payments


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Samsung Galaxy Tab E
It’s time to go back to school! No one wants to spend too much on school supplies. That’s why Sprint and Get Wireless Plans are offering a Samsung tablet for no money down!

Down payment: NONE
Monthly payment: $8.34 for 24 months


10.5-inch Apple iPad Pro
Want to save $200? Of course you do! Sprint and Get Wireless Plans are offering an Apple iPad Pro at a low monthly rate that will save you $200 in the long run! No money down!

Down payment: NONE
Monthly payment: $32.50 for 24 months


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The Apple Watch is not an ordinary watch. You can keep track of your daily goals/activity, make payments, control your playlists, and more! All of this with just a flick of the wrist.
*All pre-owned watches are tested for functionality and restored to factory settings

Ordinary price: $299.99
Limited time price: $199.99


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